Chapter 10

Chapter 10

How disruption is creating new paradigms for an urban underground future

With our final chapter we identify disruption as a major contributing factor to future development. Disruption in our eyes is the shaping of new paradigms which are part of the transition humanity is undergoing. They ask us to radically rethink what we are doing and especially why. They offer new opportunities and insights. As such we should embrace them for what they are, the first signs of how things will be in the future.

Underground space will become vital for our survival in that it offers heat for energy and storage for water.

It does require imagination, it does require adapting legislation, and it might need more-advanced and faster technologies.

On the Hyperloop concept

We feel that the power of Hyperloop  would be further enhanced if a radical decision was taken to turn it into an underground  concept: Hyperloop as the ultimate solution to travel at high speed through underground space.