Our book

Underground Spaces Unveiled

Planning and creating the cities of the future

From the forewords by Dr Joan Clos and Dominique Perrault

Planning the underground space coupled with the development of legal frameworks will require planners and decision-makers to work together with new knowledge and understanding of the specific constraints and opportunities of this important space. This book occupies an important niche and significantly advances the discussion in this area.

Dr Joan Clos

Under Secretary-General, United Nations

Executive Director, UN-Habitat

Their book is the result of their vision and a step towards nurturing dialogue through educating current and future decision-makers. It features an ideal balance between technicality and accessibility, between a comprehensive approach to the matter and in-depth case studies that will help the reader translate its new knowledge into the real world.

Dominique Perrault

DPA Architects

Chapter 1 – The subsurface as final urban frontier
Chapter 4 – Spatial design – creating a new urban tissue
Chapter 10 – How disruption is creating new paradigms for an urban underground future

By Han Admiraal & Antonia Cornaro

We think underground space. We  hope you will too!

Other Publications

A list of other publications written by the authors

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